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How to join?​

All English language teachers, English tutors, administrators, researchers, authors and students (as observers) and interested individuals are welcome to join. GEN TEFL Membership is annual. Membership is renewed on the anniversary of the date your application was approved. Your option to renew each year is indefinite.

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​ID Card Requirement (Full Membership Only)

       * Completed online membership form                     

       * Name (Complete Name and title e.g. Asst. Prof. Dr. Asmah Thewi)
If applicable OLD GEN TEFL Membership Code (Full members new ID Code will be printed on the card)
       * Passport size ID photo with white background         

       * Payment slip copy                                                       

       * send  to

FULL Members' benefits:

      - The chance to join Special Interest Groups
      - Attend and enjoy discounts and privileges to all GEN TEFL events
      - Learn, share and explore your professional interests and expertise

      - Priority list*
      - Meet international colleagues in the academe
      - Research support group
      - Access to a wide range of publications
                * GEN TEFL Book of Abstracts
                * GEN TEFL Journal
      - Sponsorship to attend (affiliates) international conference to qualified applicants.


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